Kivunhoidon ammattilaiset esittelevät työtään
Europan kivuntutkimusyhdistyksen seminaarissa EFIC2019, asiantuntijat/terveydenhuollon ammattilaiset esittelevät facebook webinaarissa tutkimuksiaan ja seminaarin esityksiään potilaille ja muille ei-terveydenhuoltoalan henkilöille.

This year at EFIC2019 we are launching the concept of ‘patient plenaries’; web-streamed interviews with the plenary speakers at our 2019 congress, where they are asked to explain their talk to a patient audience. We hope this concept is successful and that we reach as many people in the patient community as possible.

How will it work?

The interviews will be webstreamed on our EFIC Facebook page. All you have to do is click on the page at the time of the interview. Follow us at:

We are in the minds of finalizing the program but we have already a preliminary overview of the talks below.

TimeSpeaker Focus of the talk 
4.09.1918:15Prof. Candy McCabeInterdisciplinary Approaches to Chronic Pain Patients
5.09.1915:00Prof Luda DiatchenkoThe Role of Genetics in Pain
5.09.1917:00Prof. Judith PaicePain and Opiods in Cancer Care: Benefits, Risks, and Alternatives
6.09.1910:15Prof. Luis VillanuevaCentral Origins of Pain Sensitisation: Translational Studies
6.09.1911:00Prof. Thomas VoetsPeripheral Sensitisation is What Matters
7.09.1910:45Prof Gordon GuyattGrading the Evidence – New Developments in Estimating the Quality of Evidence and Consequences for the Treatment of Pain